OECD’s 2017 Economic Survey of New Zealand

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is out with latest latest 2017 Economic Survey of New Zealand, highlighting solid expansion in the NZ economy, while adding that the NZD remains slightly overvalued.


On the economy:

New Zealand continues to enjoy a strong, broad-based economic expansion

Productivity remains well below that of leading OECD countries

Employment has been shifting towards high-skilled occupations

On the currency:

The real exchange rate has strengthened but remains below the peak reached in 2014. Even so, the currency may be slightly overvalued, partly owing to New Zealand’s more advanced stage in the business cycle – and hence need for earlier policy rate increases – than many other advanced countries. 

Risks to NZ:

The biggest downside risk to these projections is a disorderly housing market correction, described along with other extreme but inherently unquantifiable potential shocks 

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