EUR/USD: options markets still leaning towards the bullish side

CME Group’s preliminary figures for Friday showed the activity in the options markets for the 6EU7 contract expiring on August 4th was mainly concentrated in the 1.1350 and 1.1300 strike prices, with open interest increasing by 746 contracts and 334 contracts, respectively.

Stance still bullish but…

EUR/USD stays in the 1.1400 neighbourhood for the time being, however the inability of spot to break above the 1.1400 handle on a more sustainable fashion could start to disappoint EUR-bulls and thus threaten the short term up trend.

OTM (‘out of the market’) Puts increased by 2,532 contracts vs. a gain of 1,926 contracts from OTM Calls, with the main activity in the 1.1600 and 1.1700 strike prices.

In addition, activity ITM (‘in the money’) from Calls and Puts remain of marginal significance. Further data saw the Put/Call ratio at 1.00.

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