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We develop EA for our trading. Below is the History log since the begining:

17-10-2016 More strict in H4 time frame. NO TRADE if MACD & STOCHASTIC get new trend direction

23-01-2015 Bug fixed. Avoid CloseThisSymbolAll() from zero profit.
21-01-2015 New close method when Aggreive mode is on
07-01-2015 Add Show Bug mode

03-12-2014 Bug fixed on TradeLevel

20-11-2014 In Aggresive mode. New order lot = Lot_Selisih
20-11-2014 New Filter. NO TRADE if Total lot order bigger than opposite order in Aggresive Mode
07-11-2014 MaxTotal Trades set as 2 or 3 times MaxTrades

06-10-2014 SetTrading = on/off

08-09-2014 New Function Check_Trade Level()

20-08-2014 Optimizing on (MACD & STOCHASTIC) filter

22-07-2014 Optimizing Lot order for second order and more

18-03-2013 Change EMA parameter to 96

25-02-2013 Add filter: EMA80. Effected to Order Lots & PipSteps

14-12-2012 Fix Warning Notification: MACD_MAIN <> MACD_SIGNAL

19-11-2012 Fix Lot parameter when aggresive is on
15-11-2012 Optimizing “Selisih”
12-11-2012 Fix “TakeProfit1?
09-11-2012 Add order filter using iClose()

15-10-2012 Dynamic Take Profits.
12-10-2012 Fix Dynamic MaxLots.
11-10-2012 Add more filter for order (Bulls & Bears).
05-10-2012 Re-Optimize of Logic code

27-09-2012 Refine MaxLot function
15-09-2012 Add Hedge function (Half lots from difference) if MarginLevel < MinMarginLevel

13-06-2012 Add RecalculateTP (manual) function
05-06-2012 Add MACD filter for order more than 4

30-05-2012 Auto TP modify
28-05-2012 Add 5 digits compatibility (ECN)

06-03-2012 Fix Aggresive Order

26-02-2012 Add Aggresive Order
22-02-2012 Fix Calculate Initial Order Count
06-02-2012 Bug fix: MinLot error

11-12-2011 Change first TP to 200 pips
07-12-2011 Change max trade from 10 to 7

25-11-2011 Add Equity/Balance level for more safety. Under EBLevel will no trade
24-11-2011 Refine PipStep distance for trade step bigger than 5
23-11-2011 Fix Open order every start up
17-11-2011 Add Minimum Lot from Market Info
16-11-2011 Add Recalculace Average Price if Total Lots changed Add PipStep distance for trade step bigger than 7 11-11-2011 Add Double Power System

15-10-2011 Add MaxLot Add Spread
10-10-2011 Add LotDivider

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